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Susan Milam
Clinton Terry Milam
April 7 1993 - August 5 2003


Dad's Favorite Picture of Me


School Picture


Getting the Math Award


Batter up! Spring 2003


Probably last picture made of me - summer of 2003!


Playing with my Nintendo



Me and Dylan


Soccer playoffs - January, 2003


Me, Anna, Grandma, Logan and Daniel


Look at me playing in the snow!


Ahhh...the perfect Christmas!


The best Christmas ever!


Logan, Me and Anna playing in the snow!


Christian, Melinda and Me


School play - The Grinch - 2002


Mom and Me - 2002 in North Carolina


Practicing for the real thing - I was ready to fly!


In my front yard - 2002


Logan, Me, Mom, Amy and Melinda


Me and Mom, 2002


I'm next ?!?!?


Looking dashing in my tux


Me, Anna and Logan looking marvelous!


River Rafting down the Nantahala



Christian and Me at Lithia Springs


Logan and Me - best buds.


Happy birthday Angel!



I was a bug for my 1st grade project


Mom, Dad and Me.


Melinda, Me, Mom, Anna, Amy and Logan


Evangel Christian School Kindergarten Graduation-Me and Megan


Mommy's boy


Fishing with Dad


Amy, Melinda, Papaw and Me


I have a secret!


Me and Anna - look how happy we were!


I love my Mommy!


I love my Daddy!


Happy Halloween - Anna, Me and Loga



My first girlfriend, Sarah and Me


I am really just way too cute!


My big sister, Melinda and Me



I'm not too sure about this now...


I'm so cute!


My Dad and Me


Yum yum, Daddy


I'm 2 yrs old


My first birthday!


Awww...I'm just too cute!


My big sister likes Me, she really does!


Proud Parents!


I'm here - April 7, 1993


The guard rail where I stood by the canal between Lake Ariana and Lake Lena on Ramsgate Rd.


Roadside Memorial


I can see the Dragonfly Field from Heaven



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