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Memorial created 05-3-2006 by
Susan Milam
Clinton Terry Milam
April 7 1993 - August 5 2003


Once there was an old fisherman. One day he went to his favorite spot on his favorite pond where he like to fish. He was thinking about a little dragonfly when to his amazement a little dragonfly, confused and scared, tried to return to the muddy pond, but could only fly into the surface of the water. The old fisherman, knowing the story of the little dragonfly who started life as a pond grub who became a dragonfly and tried to return to the muddy pond world, knew what he must do. He took his fishing pole and gently lowered it into the pond, slowly moving it under the little dragonfly. The little dragonfly climbed onto the pole. The old fisherman slowly raised his pole out of the pond with the little dragonfly clinging to the tip. The old fisherman held his pole very steady while the little dragonfly dried himself off. He fluttered his wings in the sunlight until they were dry enough to fly. As the old fisherman held the pole steady, the little dragonfly turned and looked right at the old fisherman before fluttering away. The old fisherman was very sad to see him go, but he knew that the little dragonfly would be happy flying freely in the sunlight. Then the old fisherman smiled knowing it wouldn’t be long before he saw the little dragonfly again. For, you see, the old fisherman would soon become a dragonfly too. The old fisherman went back to the pond every day, to his favorite spot, hoping to see the little dragonfly again. Sometimes he thought he caught a glimpse of the little dragonfly or heard him wisp by his ear. The old fisherman would sit on a log and talk to the little dragonfly day after day, year after year never seeing the little dragonfly. The old fisherman knew in is heart that somehow the little dragonfly was there and was listening to him. Then one day when the old fisherman went down to the pond there sitting on his favorite log, fishing in his favorite spot on the pond, was another fisherman. The old fisherman didn’t bother him. He decided to go to another spot on the pond where a big rock went out into the water. He walked out onto the end of the rock and began fishing. The old fisherman never looked at or spoke to the other fisherman. He couldn’t help thinking about and looking for the little dragonfly. All of a sudden there he was hovering over the pond! The old fisherman was so happy and excited to see the little dragonfly that he slipped on the rock and fell into the water. Weighed down by his heavy fishing gear and boots he sunk to the bottom of the pond. Just then he saw what looked like a fishing pole coming down to him from the surface. He reached out and grabbed ahold of it. He began rising to the surface of the water clinging to the pole. When he returned to the surface there, just above his head, was the little dragonfly waiting for him. Then, still clinging tightly to the pole the old fisherman looked up into the peaceful face of the other fisherman who was holding the pole. Then the old fisherman smiled because he knew that the other fisherman was there that day because he was a fisher of men, and now the old fisherman too was a dragonfly and could be with the little dragonfly forever and ever.






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